Why Dates is one of the pillars of our products

Date palm trees have been growing for the last 5,000 years in harshest climatic condition and their fruits have been an excellent source of energy and healthy nutrition. Recently, science has caught up to confirm what our distant ancestors knew and what they were talking about. Hence, dates are frequently consumed among the Arabian people not only by virtue of the fact of awareness but also due to its high nutritive value and the low cost of agriculture. Fresh dates are composed of soft, easily digestible flesh and simple sugars. When eaten, they replenish energy and revitalize the body instantly. Dates are chemically composed of sugars (81–88%, mainly fructose, glucose, and sucrose), dietary fiber (~ 5–8.5%) and a small amount of protein, fat, ash, and high quantities of phenols.

The date palm fruit has been used in folk remedies for the treatment of various infectious diseases, cancer and immune-modulatory activity. Thus, regular consumption of dates found to offer some protection from colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic cancers. Dates are not only a good source of energy but also wonderful means of vitamins, and minerals. Besides nutritional value, date fruits are rich in phenol compounds and falconoid constituents with free radical scavenging and antioxidant activities. Depending on the variety of dates and the degree of ripening, the ratio of both free and bound phenol acids varies.

In conclusion, the date palm fruits provide possible protection against the inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain. The mechanisms of protection may be related to the antioxidant activities of their phenol constituents, which clearly demonstrate the nutritional and medicinal values of this fruit. Based on the in vivo experimental studies and the active ingredient profiles, it can be concluded that these fruits have promising therapeutic potential against AD. However, the mechanisms by which date palm fruits display their antioxidant activities against the AD are poorly understood and necessitate an extensive investigation utilizing different varieties.

Barari Dates

Barari Dates occupies an excellent world ranking in the fruit worldwide market. Barari Group is currently exporting fresh and dry dates to countries that are located in America, Asia, Europe and Middle East. Barari Dates has an up-to-date unit of conditioning and packaging dates.

Haddoud Salim Dates

Whole dates from cultivars Phoenix Dactylifera. Physiologically ripe dates originated from Southern Algeria. The dates were manufactured by dates disconnected, fumigated, graded, cleaned, treated with moist heat, and sweating (dry heat.

KAS Dates

Quintessence of the oasis of Tolga, miracle product from the encounter of the sun, the water and the huge spaces of Algerian Sahara.. The honey of its sap, the smoothness of its substance, the Deglet Nour is a tasting fruit much appreciated for its flavor and nutritional qualities. KAS Dates guarantees the high quality of its products in the Mediterranean tradition and continuity.

Unique Dates

Barari Unique Dates is appreciated for its superior quality and its unique honeyed taste. It is traditionally called “Fruit of bright light” for its translucent color, the softness of its appearance and elegance of its shape. Deglet Nour -which means “fingers of light”- is a very energetic fruit. This date is legendary for its perfection and it is called “the queen of dates”. Deglet Nour Dates are juicy, almost transparent, have a soft texture and a sweet taste

Premium Seedless Barari Dates

Different kinds of the best Dates packed in a fancy container Packaging: 200 grams Moreover, we supply Medjoul Dates that is Jordanian or South African origin.

Barari Group supplies wide range of dates and dates related products with annual turnover exceeding 90,000 tons of different varieties and origins. Our products have a wide global reach of over 50 countries including India, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Canada, Europe, U.S.A. and Far East countries.

Algerian Dates

Deglet Nour Branch
Packing: 500 grams & 1kg
Brands: Barari, Kas
Deglet Nour Standard
Packing: 2 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Kas
Deglet Nour Conditioned
Packing: 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Hadoud Salim, Kas
Aleyya Dates Packing: 5 kg  |  Nawar Dates Packing: 5 kg | Lyly Dates Packing: 5 kg | Al Fareeda Dates Packing: 5 kg | Dana Dates Packing: 5 kg

Tunisian Dates

Deglet Nour Branch
Packing: 500 grams & 1 kg packets
Brands: Barari, Fit, King Tumoor
Deglet Nour Standard
Packing: 2 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Fit
Deglet Nour Conditioned
Pcking: 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Kraft, Fit
Khuwat Alig Packing: 200 grams & 450 gram

Emarati Dates

Khneizi | Vacuum Dates | Date Paste | Lulu | Khalas | Fardh | Bou Maan | Berhi | Jabri | Reziz

Iraqi Dates

Zahdi Dates
Packing: 10kg, 20 kg, 26kg & 30kg Brands: Barari, Kraft, 5 Star, Naseem, Hachem